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Why Was the Free TV License Scrapped? – Who Was to Blame? – Explored by The Aerial Man


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Another controversial story that hit the news and media outlets this month was the announcement by the BBC to scrap free television licenses for the over 75s. The move sparked outrage across the nation and as of writing, Age UK’s petition to save TV for older people has over 580,000 signatures. The irony was not lost on some who were quick to criticise the BBC for conveying the news just a week after extensive coverage of the 75th anniversary of the D Day Landings.


It’s estimated that 3.7 million pensioners will be made to make contributions towards their TV License (with an estimated 1 million of these veterans) for the first time in 20 years. Although many are blaming the BBC, others argue that it’s not as simple as this and that the government and outdated aspects of the license are to blame. 


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Love Fever – How Love Island is Saving Terrestrial TV


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It’s a programme that divides the nation every time it airs but there is no doubt that ITV’s Love Island is hugely popular with the younger demographic in the UK. In the age of streaming and online film services – it was often thought that these would massively take the viewership slice of the younger demographic however it seems that reality shows such as Love Island are fighting back against famous streaming services.


But to what extent are reality programmes such as Love Island boosting the television industry in the UK? The Aerial Man investigates…


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