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700MHz Clearance – Your Digital TV Reception May be Disrupted


Mendip Transmitter 700MHz Clearance


Last year, we wrote an article mentioning that the 700MHz clearance was being implemented at many transmitter groups around the UK. All of the major areas that we provide professional aerial services for such as the South West of the UK and areas across South Wales are expected to be significantly affected by the 700MHz clearance and it’s therefore important that you are ready and well informed for these changes as well as prepared for the reception interference that you may experience over the coming months.

The relevant transmitter groups that may affect our clients are the Mendip transmitter group that serves Bristol, parts of Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire as well as the Wenvoe transmitter group. This serves Cardiff, Newport and South East Wales.

Although the transmitter groups that affect these areas are due to be carried out in April – June of 2019, there has already been work carried out which has been reported to be causing interference and may affect the picture quality of your digital TV service, such as Freeview. In this article, we will cover what the 700MHz clearance is, why this clearance is occurring and what to do if you are facing reception issues.

If you are already experiencing issues, we understand that this can be highly frustrating and we are more than happy to help you if you find that you cannot resolve the issue yourself. Contact a member of our professional aerial installation and repair team today using an online contact form on our website if you are having issues. Alternatively, call now on: 01179 679 028 to arrange for a free call out.

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700 mHz Clearance

What is the 700 MHz Clearance? Discussed by The Aerial Man

Mendip Transmitter MaintenenceFollowing on from our article in February, if you were lucky to be unaffected by the maintenance work that was carried out for the Mendip transmitter then you may not have noticed much. However, many may have experienced loss of reception due to this maintenance and this can be rectified by retuning your television after the works were carried out. The work was due to be completed on the 27th of February so your television should return to normal after a retune. If your television has not returned to its optimal reception settings however then it’s recommended to contact our aerial installation team in Bristol. They can advise you on the issue as well as offer a replacement aerial should you require this.

What was the purpose of this maintenance and how could we see 700 MHz used in the future? With exciting future developments on the way, could this see new technology coming into the forefront of our homes or will other methods be adopted in the future? We investigate..

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