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CCTV Installation in Bristol & Across the South West

Humax Aura UHD

We are CCTV specialists, installing our hand-selected CCTV systems. Whether you are looking to improve the overall security of your home or business, want peace of mind that your premises are secure or want to install a deterrent against intruders – we have you covered.


We have many years of experience consulting clients in terms of their security requirements and the installation of CCTV systems. If you are interested in installing a CCTV system in Bristol and across the South West – get in touch with a member of our team today.


CCTV installation is just one of the specialist services that we offer. Click below to find out more about our additional services:


  • Commercial Aerial Installation & Projects
  • WiFi Installation Services
  • Humax Box Installation
  • TV & Wall Mounting

TiOC CCTV System


This CCTV system is also known as a three-in-one camera. This system integrates 24/7 full-colour monitoring as well as active deterrence and AI. This innovative system accurately identifies potential risks to warn off intruders and to increase life and property safety. 

There are a number of benefits when using this system. Accurate alarm functionality is achieved by precise targeting of people and vehicles whilst the system filters out non-target objects. This maintains a false alarm rate of under 2%. This system is ideally suited for private properties as well as public places and business premises.

Tioc 2.0 information sheet (CCTV system)
alhua technology information (CCTV system)

Full-Colour CCTV System

This CCTV System offers full colour even in low-light conditions. Effective extraction of colour features of scenes is highly useful for both domestic and commercial installation settings. This system can extract colour features from individuals, vehicles and other details. Ideally suited for areas with potentially high or high crime rates providing great evidence to pass onto law enforcement. This system also works with AI technology as standard, further enhancing the accuracy and probability of feature extraction.


24/7 Colour Monitoring – Coloured detailed images in low light environments. 

Excellent Video Quality During Darkness

Up to 98% Accuracy at Night

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Services provided by The Aerial Man:

Services provided by The Aerial Man:

Frequenty asked questions


The cost of installing a new TV aerial will depend on multiple factors including the location, type of aerial, complexity of the installation and the specific requirements for your property. For a free, no-obligation quote on TV aerial installation for your commercial or domestic property, contact us at 0800 195 8056 today. 

Yes, we offer diagnostic and TV aerial repair services to identify and fix any issues you may be having with your aerial which may be affecting the signal. This may involve adjusting your current aerial, replacing damaged parts or installing a new aerial if you require one. We will carry out the relevant service, depending on what we find during the diagnosis. 

A standard TV aerial installation typically takes between 1-3 hours to complete, but more complex installations may take longer. Our aerial technicians will be able to provide a better time estimate if you get in contact with more information. 

If your TV signal goes out, check the cables from your TV and ensure they are connected properly. If the cable looks damaged then it may be worth replacing it. If you have checked all TV cables and they are undamaged and plugged in but the signal still isn’t working, it may be an issue with your aerial. Our technicians will be able to quickly identify and resolve any issues through our diagnostic and repair service. 

Unfortunately, no. Freeview can only be received through an aerial. For more information regarding satellite television, see our Freesat information. Freesat is similar to Freeview but it’s specifically designed for satellite reception. If you need assistance with setting up Freeview or Freesat, our technicians can help you choose the right equipment and ensure a proper installation.

Again, unfortunately not. For this, you would again need a satellite dish which would need to be aligned to the appropriate foreign satellite and set-top-box to receive the foreign channels you were after. Receiving foreign channels directly through a TV aerial is generally not possible because these broadcasts are transmitted from within their respective countries and do not reach outside their intended coverage areas. If you would like to access foreign channels then we suggest a satellite dish, cable TV or internet streaming. 

One of our expert engineers will be able to advise you what sort of aerial you’d need, depending on your location and surroundings. It also depends on how many televisions you are planning to connect to it. At Aerial Man, we offer expert consultations and installations to ensure you get the best possible TV reception. Our technicians can assess your property, recommend the most suitable aerial, and install it to provide the best signal quality. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find the perfect aerial for your home.

Yes, one television aerial can work multiple televisions on your property. No need for multiple aerials! We specialise in installing multi-room TV aerials, our experienced technicians will install an aerial system that suits your home, ensuring you have a strong and reliable TV signal in every room. 

No. All you need is an additional Freeview set-top-box for any television which isn’t Freeview ready. If you need assistance setting up your Freeview set-top box, our technicians can help. 

Not a problem, we’d be more than happy to send one of our friendly engineers out to you for a free signal test and let you know what the best for the area you live in is. We will carry out a signal test and diagnostic to determine the quality of TV reception at your location. Based on our findings, we suggest the relevant solution. Contact us to schedule an assessment and improve your TV viewing experience.

Yes, you need a TV licence to watch any TV programming in the UK, regardless of the device or service you are using, including Freeview. For more information visit their website at If you have any questions about TV licensing requirements or need assistance with setting up your Freeview service, Aerial Man is here to help.

Our engineers cover Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Swindon, Marlborough, Taunton, Salisbury, Yeovil, Wells, Bridgewater, Weston Super Mare, Clevedon, Chepstow, Newport, Cardiff and all surrounding areas.