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Wi-Fi Installation Specialists in Bristol & Across the South West-

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Our specialist team offer a number of different specialist services. If you require Wi-Fi installation to create or expand current networks, dual-band high-speed broadband models and a managed approach to WiFi systems installation – we are available to help you.

Utilising our partnership with the innovative systems from Clear Flow as well as our knowledge and expertise in regards to commercial and domestic Wi-Fi installation – our team are readily available to support you in the installation of your Wi-Fi system.

To enquire with our specialist Wi-Fi installation team – you can use an online contact form on our website or on this page. You can also call our team directly now.

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We Can Support You With All Aspects Relating to Wi-Fi Installation


There are a number of benefits when you choose to install your Wi-Fi system or expand your current network with The Aerial Man & utilising the advanced and innovative systems from our partner, Clear Flow:

  • Clear Flow products are suitable for creating and expanding Wi-Fi networks
  • Ceiling mount access points (domes)
  • In-wall mount access points which fit into a standard single gang UK fit outlet (for example switch socket)
  • Dual-band high-speed models are available for superfast broadband systems.
  • Outdoor point-to-point bridge extenders for wireless links building to building.
  • Solutions available for connectivity of external home office or out-building
  • Simple and easy setup process for a quick installation.
  • Suitable for small or large domestic or commercial systems.
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Wi-Fi For Commercial & Business Premises


Access to stable as well as high-speed internet and Wi-Fi connections is vital for a vast number of commercial and business premises. Although remote working has become more prevalent – internet connectivity is vital for almost every business in order to ensure that systems run correctly and more importantly – at stable rates. We are specialists in the installation of Wi-Fi systems for businesses and we can help your business install advanced, high-power and reliable Wi-Fi systems.

Domestic WiFi Installation For Home Offices & Domestic Premises


Working from home has become more and more prevalent – and this means that many homes may require an upgrade to their WiFi system. Whether you need connectivity for external home offices or out-buildings or high-speed superfast broadband systems for your property – we can support and advise you. You deserve access to high-speed and reliable broadband systems for your home office or home working as well as everyday life and we are available to support you!

To enquire with our specialist WiFi installation team – you can use an online contact form on our website or on this page. You can also call our team directly now.



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Services provided by The Aerial Man:

Services provided by The Aerial Man:

Frequenty asked questions


WiFi or ‘wireless fidelity’ is a wireless network technology that allows your devices to connect to certain wireless frequencies within the network. It’s one of the most common wireless systems, therefore, you’ve likely heard of it and use it but we can support you with all of your Wi-Fi-related needs. If you need anything else, get in touch with our team today.

WiFi uses predetermined frequency bands which are used to connect your devices. These devices can then transfer ‘data packets’ between each other wirelessly. You need a wireless router to create your WiFi Network and then you are good to go. Devices will need to be in range which is why you may want to consider boosting options or installation options to increase the range of your network.

The Aerial Man offers a wide range of WiFi installation services. We can support you with the best system that suits your needs as well as the installation of your WiFi system. We can support you in advising you about WiFi and we can organise the installation of other aspects of your WiFi system, such as boosters to boost WiFi signal and other aspects. For businesses & domestic clients – we can offer you an entire WiFi installation solution.

We have a wide range of experience supporting with and offering our services for residential buildings. Should you require a WiFi solution, we can support you as a building manager, management company or director looking to organise WiFi installation for your residential property. We can help manage the project from start to finish and will support you with all of your needs. Speak to our expert team now.

Businesses are likely to require fast internet connectivity for workers and it’s not viable for all devices to be hardwired to the router. We offer a wide range of business WiFi installation services to ensure that you are able to get the WiFi connectivity that you need. We are constantly revising and evolving our WiFi services to ensure that you are able to enjoy the latest in WiFi technology.

WiFi 6 is the latest technology in terms of WiFi technology. A big step up compared to WiFi 5 – you may benefit from installing WiFi 6. We’ve written an article on WiFi 6, including what it is and why you may want to consider installing this router for your home or business premises.