Aerial Installation Bristol | Freeview Television or Sky TV

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An often discussed debate revolves around the issue, do subscription channels and services far out-advantage Freeview television? There are many features boasted by subscription services such as Sky and Virgin Media including movies, sport coverage and a vast array of channels. Do these advantages offer more than Freeview? It is entirely possible to purchase subscriptions from other subscription providers on your Freeview package. Here at The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd based in Bristol, we offer a wide range of digital and satellite aerial installation services and Freeview implementation. If you are interested in finding out more about our Freeview installation services then do not hesitate to come visit us or call us: 01179 679 028

aerial installation Bristol

Freeview Television or Subscription TV Installation in Bristol?

Sky offers a myriad of subscriptions and services that make it a diverse and interesting subscription package. Boasting thousands of films on demand and numerous sporting features, these subscriptions offer a vast amount of content for their costings. Freeview is a fantastic alternative to Sky installation due to the fact that you can also subscribe to these features whilst being on a Freeview package. This results in greater flexibility of choice, as you can choose from a range of different subscriptions that suits you as the viewer perfectly. The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) are leading Freeview installers in Bristol. 

Sport On Television Freeview vs Subscription

‘Crown Jewel’ Sporting events or sporting events with great significance such as the Olympics or the Fifa World Cup are required by law to be shown across a variety of platforms for free. This means that any television provider is obligated to show at least one channel that broadcasts these events. This means that there is no differentiation between the broadcasting of major sporting events between Freeview and other paying subscription services. The UEFA Champions league however (and other events such as the Premier League) see fierce competition as to who gains the rights to broadcast these fixtures or events exclusively on their channel. This is usually to generate subscribers from these events and massively drives many subscription based companies’ revenue however these events can be subscribed to on Freeview. This means that specific sporting events that you wish to watch can easily be watched even on a Freeview service. These events are often also showed in licensed venues, making the pub a viable alternative to viewing many of these events from home.

Aerial Installation in Bristol

Similarly to Sport, there is a multitude of film channels which regularly broadcast many films onto the television. These services offer a great deal of variety and can allow the subscriber to sit at home and enjoy a huge variety of films in HD. Freeview television via aerial installation is a viable alternative due to the fact that it is possible to subscribe to these services whilst having a Freeview aerial. This is interesting due to the fact that you can choose specifically which films and their genres that you are interested in, instead of potentially investing in the full package. Other alternatives to these film subscription services also exist therefore watching films is not limited to just the television. Freeview airs many popular channels which show free films regularly and other subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon video also have demand systems which run directly through the Freeview system, which is significantly cheaper than many subscription services and packages.

There are a multitude of reasons to consider Freeview as a viable alternative to subscription based television services. If you are interested in discovering more of these considerations or if you are interested in finding out about or in need of a digital Freeview aerial installation in Bristol then do not hesitate to contact The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd.  today or call: 01179 679 028

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