Aerial Installation Taunton

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Aerial Installation in Taunton – Your Complete Guide

An aerial

If you’ve decided that you want to enjoy digital TV services in your property – you may have a number of questions on how to install an aerial and what you need to get started and enjoy services such as Freeview. Smart TVs have integrated systems which allow you to enjoy all of your favourite programmes in one place but you may also need advice on how to set this up and enjoy digital TV as well as streaming services.


The team at The Aerial Man have many years of experience offering a variety of digital TV and aerial services. We also offer Freeview services and can help you install products from other digital TV providers and companies. We have written this complete guide to help you set up and enjoy digital TV as well as an additional troubleshooting guide if you have issues with a current aerial. To arrange for an aerial installation in Taunton or to find out more about our digital TV services in Taunton – enquire with The Aerial Man using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 0800 195 8056

Getting Started – Digital TV


When you decide that you want to enjoy digital TV services in your home, you may be wondering how to get started. Although your Smart TV may come with digital services such as Freeview already installed into the system – you will still need a television aerial to enjoy Freeview or other digital TV services – regardless of if a Freeview box is already installed in your Smart TV or you have a Freeview box for your television.


Having a TV point already installed doesn’t necessarily mean that you can instantly connect to digital TV services either. In order to enjoy Freeview or other digital TV services, you will need to have an aerial installed somewhere on your property. This allows you to connect your television to your aerial and you can then sit back and enjoy your favourite tv programmes in the comfort of your favourite chair.


Can I Install an Aerial at My Property?


The next question will be whether you are allowed or permitted to install an aerial onto the roof of your property. In most cases, installing an aerial shouldn’t be difficult however there may be some situations in which you are unable to install an aerial. Although this may seem as if you are unable to enjoy digital TV – there are luckily some handy solutions to get around this!


Our expert aerial installers are able to advise you on the various indoor aerials and loft aerials that are available. These aerials allow you to enjoy digital TV without having to install a physical aerial which is the perfect solution if you want to increase signal strength or get around not being able to install an aerial on your roof. Some reasons as to why you may not be allowed to install an aerial on your roof are as follows:


  • Lease doesn’t allow installation of physical aerials on the building.
  • Your landlord doesn’t want a physical aerial installed on a rented property.
  • A special circumstance (such as the listing of a building) does not allow an aerial to be installed on the roof.


Is Installing an Aerial an Extensive Project for My Home?


Our expert aerial installers are able to make the installation process as simple as possible when you decide to install a television aerial. We will arrange for a free quotation in which our team will visit your home to discuss your requirements. We will then offer you a free quotation for the installation of your aerial and if you are happy with the price then we will go ahead and install your aerial there and then. We are also able to help you set-up everything else that you will need and you will be enjoying your favourite tv programmes in no time!


Will New Build Properties Have an Aerial Already Installed?


New build properties are being constructed with a variety of modern features already installed upon purchase. Although there may be a television aerial installed in a new build property, there may not be an aerial installed or there may be a satellite dish installed where you will want to make the switch. You may also find that a TV point has been installed without a television aerial being installed on your property. If you want to arrange for a television aerial installation in a new build property then get in touch with our team of experts to arrange for a free quotation!


Am I Able to Replace an Aerial at my Current Property?


Your aerial may be experiencing issues or you may want to consider replacing an existing aerial at your property. If you are suffering from issues with your current aerial then you may need to think about a repair or replacement. There’s a variety of things that can go wrong with your current aerial and we’ve listed some of the most common issues below:


  • Aerial has suffered damage over time or is an old aerial that has taken a lot of wear and tear.
  • Aerial has been damaged by the weather and therefore is not working correctly.
  • The aerial was not installed correctly and so issues have now started to occur.
  • Signal strength is either too strong or too weak which can interfere with reception.
  • Cabling could be damaged.


As well as offering aerial installation services, our team of local experts are also able to repair or replace your current aerial. If you have any issues or suspect that your aerial may need to be repaired or replaced – call our team today for a free quote!


Enjoying Freeview When You Install a Television Aerial


Freeview is a fantastic service that offers a wide variety of television channels and programmes without the cost of a subscription. Once your television aerial has been installed – you are able to enjoy Freeview. All that you need to enjoy Freeview is a working television aerial and TV point as well as a Freeview top box (as mentioned some Smart TVs come equipped with an in-built box.) Once this is set up, you are able to switch on your TV and enjoy Freeview. We also offer a wide range of Freeview boxes with our partner Humax – allowing you to utilise a wide range of services including integrated streaming services with Freeview.


How Can I Arrange for a Television Aerial Installation in Taunton?

Aerials on roof

It is simple to arrange for a TV aerial installation! Just get in touch with a member of our friendly team of local aerial experts today. We will arrange for an appointment and our team will visit your home to discuss your requirements and offer you a free quotation. We will then complete the installation on the day once you are happy with everything. To arrange for an aerial installation today – contact The Aerial Man using an online contact form on our website or call now on: 0800 195 8056

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