Are you overspending on bundle services?

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Many people across the nation buy their TV, broadband and homephone services in a bundle. But, new research shows that breaking apart the holy trinity could save you some cash. Vision and Value 2014, our study in partnership with Post Office, compared how much we spend on TV and broadband services against how much of these services we then actually use.

The findings reveal that people are spending more and more on bundles due to significant changes in the way that we access and use our home entertainment services.

Costs a bundle

On average each UK household spends £50 per month on bundles – a small but significant increase of £1 since 2013. This equates to an overall national spend of £3.3 billion.

The hidden cost of TV

Even more surprising is that as a nation, we waste over £965 million pounds every year on the TV part of our bundles – by paying for channels that go unwatched. This averages out to £22 per month in the latest report, meaning that households are spending £184.80 on average per year on unwatched TV channels. This amounts to £14.52 less than in our 2013 report but despite the decrease, further savings can still be made.

How much broadband do you really need?

‘Unlimited’ sounds great, you can download and stream as much as you want. But when you consider that only one in twenty households exceed 41GB per month, the ‘great deal’ doesn’t seem as sweet. If you’re a low volume user, perhaps now is the time to review your data package. Find out more about internet usagehere:

Assess yourself

Take a look at your own bills and behaviour. It might be worth regularly assessing these to ensure that you’re getting value for money. Find out how much money people are overspending in your area:

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