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Switching to Freesat in Bristol Investigated by The Aerial Man

Freesat BristolFreesat is a free-to-air digital satellite television service that can save you money. If you’ve got a costly television subscription then it is definitely a great idea to think about making the switch. With the whole host of channels that are available, Freesat is a service that is one of the strongest contenders should you be looking to make a switch. Here at The Aerial Man, we are partnered closely with Humax to ensure that our customers can move away from costly subscriptions and can get a free-to air digital satellite television service. In this article, we will highlight how you can save money from switching services as well as how a subscription service is often disguised as a better package than it is. If you are looking into Freesat in Bristol or if you require a Freesat box in Bristol then be sure to contact The Aerial Man today or give our team a call now on: 01179 679 028

How Can You Save With Freesat?

If you have a TV subscription, take a second to think about which programmes you watch that are subscription exclusive. The vast majority of the most watched programmes on television are broadcast by the BBC or ITV, both of which are free on a Freesat service. With the rise in popularity of streaming services, less subscription based series are being watched on television and are being watched online. As mentioned in our previous articles on the subject of subscriptions vs free services, sporting events are another area that subscriptions are utilised for. Free subscriptions can purchase licenses for sport or for pay-per-view events in certain circumstances (if they are offered.) Major free sporting events are also televised and several venues are licensed to display football and rugby matches. If you find that you are watching major sporting events and don’t require a subscription then this is another reason where you may want to think about switching to Freesat.

But a Subscription Indicates Access to the Best Programmes?

Not necessarily the best but the most advertised or hyped. Television programmes with extensive budgets get a huge amount of attention and discussion but the viewership just does not often reflect this. BBC & ITV programmes in recent times and historically have dominated the competition for viewership which results in a huge amount of the most popular programmes being available to be watched for free. It’s important to consider which programmes you are paying for in your subscription and which of these you actually watch. The elaborate budgets & marketing of certain subscription programmes may lead you to believe that you are on the best package but in reality are getting not much for your investment. Freesat allows you to enjoy hundreds of channels, many of which offer the most viewed programmes. If you think you can save money on making the switch then The Aerial Man can help you!

What are the Benefits of Freesat?

In our August edition of our Freesat blog, we look into the features that make Freesat the ideal choice for you.

Best Freesat Box BristolFreesat is delivered by satellites to your satellite dish. This allows for brilliant reception across the UK as well as the capacity for more channels than Freeview. Their ethos to bring subscription free television to your home whilst also offering a wide range of channels, HD channels and catch up services. Many are often under the impression that subscription free services do not offer rewind services however this is not the case. There is also a ‘Freesat from Sky’ service which is a different service. This allows access to the Freesat service through a subscription service, Freesat does not charge for the use of pausing, rewinding or recording of programmes. Freesat offers over 200 TV and radio channels. HD channels with a Freesat HD box also allow you to enjoy the HD service, enjoying the television that you love on a non subscription basis. You can watch this on your HD television and enjoy the wonderful picture quality of high definition. There are numerous benefits associated with Freesat which you can expect to enjoy but you may be having issues with your satellite dish which may have to be looked at by a professional satellite installer. If you require a satellite dish to be installed so that you can enjoy Freesat then we can also arrange this to be carried out for you at fantastic & fair prices.

Considerations When Choosing Freesat

Freesat covers a huge range of areas and has an impressive range of channels that you can enjoy subscription free. You will need a satellite dish to enjoy Freesat and this is one of the considerations that you will have to make. We have installed many satellite dishes for our customers in Bristol and the surrounding areas at extremely competitive prices. Our team are also more than happy to visit your home and give honest advice on the installation of your satellite dish. If you are having problems with your current satellite dish then we can also help you. There are several issues that could be causing an issue with your satellite and these could be affecting your ability to enjoy a subscription free service. If you think that your satellite dish was installed incorrectly then we can come and have a look at it for you and offer our thoughts. You may also be suffering from the fact that your satellite dish is damaged or has been knocked out of place. Again, we can safely go onto your roof and have a look at your satellite dish to repair or replace it if this is required. If in doubt, give us a call. We’re readily available to diagnose potential issues with your satellite dish as well as advise you on the best way to go about replacing your satellite dish. If you require a satellite dish to enjoy subscription free tv then we can also arrange this for you.

How Do You Make the Switch to Freesat?

In the September addition of our Freesat blog, we investigate how you can make the switch to Freesat and the features that this Freesat installation has to offer.

Freesat Installation BristolNow that we have discussed the advantages in switching to Freesat from a subscription based service, it’s time to discuss how to make the switch, what you will need to think about and how this switch takes place. Should you have a satellite dish and cabling already installed on your home then it’s as simple as plugging a Freesat digital box or TV into the cabling and enjoying Freesat. Should you feel that you require additional cabling or someone to have a look at your satellite dish then be sure to give our team a call. We can have a look at your satellite dish and inform you as to what you need as well as being able to carry out installation for fantastic prices. Should you need to arrange a satellite dish and Freesat installation then we can also carry this out for you using a member of our expert team. Whether you require an installation of a satellite dish and cabling or if you already have a satellite dish installed, we are available to advise you on how to get Freesat installed and running and to install Freesat and your Freesat box should you require this.

Freesat & Satellite Dish Installation

A satellite dish offers a wide variety of programmes, especially when utilised with this service. This ensures that you have a lot of television to watch and suits a wider range of audiences. Although many often assume that weather causes significant interference to your satellite dish, they are often resilient to the effects of the weather. Satellite television can also offer enhanced picture quality as the way that the signal is transferred to your satellite dish is only diverted once from the original source. In basic terms, this diversion occurs when the satellite that is in orbit beams the signal to a large dish which then transfers this to your smaller dish. Static and interference is often a non factor with the way in which the signal is transmitted. Issues with picture quality often are due to issues in your satellite dish rather than from outside forces. Should you start to suffer issues with your satellite dish then you can have a look yourself or call our team should you be unsure. The satellite dish could be obstructed by a tree or structure which was not present when your satellite dish was originally installed. You could also be suffering from an issue with the original installation or your satellite dish may be damaged or moved by the weather. This means that there’s a lot less potential issues and an often easier to discover solution. In essence, Freesat television offers a wide range of channels at great picture quality. Distortions in quality or loss of signal is often due to issues with the dish itself rather than the actual transmission to your satellite dish.

Arrange Your Freesat Installation in Bristol Today

Freesat Box BristolThe team at The Aerial Man are a local team with many years of experience installing Freesat boxes and satellite dishes for our customers. Our team are fully trained and are ready to help you switch to Freesat. There are a wide range of choices available on Freesat and you may not be aware of the choice that you have on offer to you. It’s highly recommended to consider what your favourite programmes are and to work out which of these programmes you wouldn’t have been able to watch with a free service. Chances are it will be very little or none at all and this means that you can save money on making the transition to Freesat from a paid subscription. If you are looking for the best Freesat box in Bristol or if you are interested in enjoying Freesat in Bristol then be sure to contact The Aerial Man today or give our team a ring now on: 01179 679 028

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