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Installing Freeview in Bristol Examined by The Aerial Man

Freeview Bristol

Freeview is the name of the UK’s digital terrestrial TV service which is delivered through your television aerial. Often, people find that they are tied up to a subscription service which they may not be fully using or enjoying. There’s an ever growing number of people with subscriptions who are getting more and more frustrated with subscription television. Furthermore, it is becoming more apparent that interest & viewership of free programmes shown on free channels is at an all time high. This has prompted a significant influx of individuals turning away from subscription free services due to the fact they are looking to save money on costs. Switching to Freeview is an easy, sensible way to save money. In this article, we will examine why this service has become so popular as well as what you can do to save costs by choosing to install a Freeview box. If you are investigating Freeview in Bristol or want to install a Freeview box in Bristol then be sure to contact The Aerial Man today or give our team a call now on: 01179 679 028

The Rise of Freeview TV

Freeview TV initially rose in popularity after televisions were changed from analogue to digital. We are now at the stage where all new TVs are compatible with a subscription free service by utilising an aerial. With the purchasing of Freeview HD equipment, you can also enjoy Freeview HD channels including BBC 1 HD which is a great way to utilise this service. Popularity of free television broadcasters and their programmes is also very much responsible for the rise of subscription free TV. The BBC have done a fantastic job at sticking to what their audience wants and enjoys and this is reflected in the successes of many of their programmes in recent years. These programmes are some of the most watched in the UK and are all therefore free to watch programmes. Television broadcasters have also started to realise that higher audiences watching free channels is better for them than relying on customer subscriptions which has led to an increased interest in this service. This is because of the ability for advertisers to advertise to larger audiences. Finally, internet viewing of programmes such as iPlayer and streaming services have massively increased in popularity in the last few years. This has led to many paying for these services rather than for subscriptions. Often the prices for both are too expensive therefore viewers decide to opt for online streaming rather than television based subscriptions.

Saving Costs by Ending Your Subscription

You more than likely enjoy a wide range of free programmes and a much smaller selection of programmes that require a subscription. Subscriptions do offer sports as a package which is one of the most common reasons to purchase a subscription. These can also be viewed elsewhere but Freeview boxes can also offer a subscription just for sporting events. This means that you can enjoy subscription free TV and only have to pay for the additional sports options which can again save you money on your bills. If you find that you need to save money and that you are not fully using your subscription then you may want to think about moving away from a subscription service and contacting our expert team.

Making the Switch to Freeview

in the September edition of our blog, we look into switching to Freeview and the exciting features that Freeview has to offer.

Best Freeview Box in Bristol

Freeview is often talked discussed as being a fantastic alternative to subscription-based TV but questions are often asked about how to switch. In reality, the switch is often very simple. All TVs since 2010 have Freeview integrated therefore you are able to make the switch immediately. If you have an older TV then you’ll need to purchase a Freeview box. Should you require additional features such as HD and recording functionalities then you will also need to look into purchasing a new box for your TV. Many individuals often do not realise that Freeview offers a recording service but this is indeed the case. When utilising or selecting which aerial to use to enjoy this subscription-free service then a roof aerial is often recommended. You can also use an indoor aerial should you wish or for special situations such as not being allowed to install an aerial on your roof. Smart TVs will ask for a Wi-Fi network and the password so make sure you have these to hand when you connect your TV. It’s very easy to make the switch and to move away from subscription-based television!

Freeview & The Exciting Features This Service Offers

Time management is undoubtedly an exciting feature that Freeview has to offer. Being able to record and re-watch programmes whenever you wish is a great way to enjoy the TV that you love. As we previously discussed, a significant majority of the most viewed television programmes are on offer on free channels. This means that you can enjoy the shows that you love, record them to watch whenever fits your schedule and completely free of charge. There’s a wide array of channels that are also available on Freeview and this makes it an extremely exciting service. With the vast amount of choice that you have, you can definitely find a programme that you will be interested in watching. Combine this with an additional service such as a streaming service and you most if not all of your television and film watching can be satisfied. The diversity of the channels that are available is also impressive, catering to a variety of television styles and therefore offering a wider range of programmes. Children’s TV is also available so that children can watch and record their favourite programmes. The ease of installation as mentioned is also a huge perk of Freeview TV. The fact that Freeview is built into all new TVs and that older TVs just need to integrate into an aerial results in a service that is easy to set up and easy to enjoy. If you are spending a large amount of money on a subscription service and feel that these costs are unnecessary then make the switch to Freeview today! You could save a lot of money on additional costs which may not even be benefiting you at all!

Christmas With Freeview

The December edition of our article discusses all of the fantastic programs available on free channels at Christmas and how you can save in the New Year.

Freesat Box Near Me Bristol

Christmas is almost upon us and one of the most memorable aspects is what is on the television. With a variety of Christmas specials, finales and classic re-runs; Christmas is arguably synonymous with good television. Whether you decide to be re-watching A Christmas Carol or sitting down and watching the transformation of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, one aspect seems to be a common theme. The most popular programmes for Christmas are all displayed on free channels. With the inevitable purchasing of presents and Christmas dinner, you may be looking again for some ways to save on costs and switching to Freeview is one of them. This is a great way to cut down on costs where you may not need to spend on them. There’s also been an expansion of channels that are accessible, notably True Christmas which shows a variety of Christmas films from across the years. We have discussed in previous updates about how the majority of popular programs are shown on free channels and this is emphasised further during the holiday season. There’s a huge amount of free programs available during Christmas and the New Year and you will have access to all of these with your Freeview box. Now that you know more about Freeview at Christmas, you may be interested in finding out about more regarding what is available for you to watch during the festive season.

Free Programs Available in the Festive Season

There’s a variety of programs that you will be able to watch in the run-up to Christmas, the big day and the days after Christmas. All of these programs you will be able to enjoy without the need for a subscription so you may be wondering what you are using your television subscription for. If you find that you can’t name very many channels or programs that you watch that are subscription exclusive then you could definitely switch to Freeview and save money. This can save you money during a season that’s often quite expensive as well as still allowing you to enjoy the Christmas television programs that are still shown on free channels. If you have been considering having a Freeview box installed for your television then it’s still not too late to have one installed before Christmas. Our team are fully available in the run up to Christmas and can install your new Freeview box before the big day at a time that is most convenient to you. All you need is an aerial that is in correct working order and you can have your new Freeview box installed. If you think that Freeview can save you money or if you want to find out more about how you can enjoy Freeview then enquire with the team at The Aerial Man today. We can also give you honest advice regarding which service is best suited for you and what you need to consider should you want to switch to Freeview.

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Freeview Box Bristol

To enjoy Freeview, your box must be installed and set up to your aerial. The local friendly team at The Aerial Man are here to help you and to install Freeview for your home. We have served Bristol and the surrounding areas for many years and have carried out a number of aerial and Freeview box installations. If you think that you want to make the decision to install Freeview then we are here to help make this a reality for you at extremely competitive prices. Should you be searching for Freeview near me in Bristol or if you require a Freeview box in Bristol then be sure to contact The Aerial Man today or call now on: 01179 679 028

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