Freeview in 2023

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Freeview is the perfect way to save on subscription costs at a time when everyone is looking to reduce their monthly costs. With many looking at alternatives to subscription-based TV and ways in which to save money – investing in a great Freeview integrated TV or Freeview box is the perfect and cheaper alternative to subscription-based services.


We take a look at Freeview in 2023. Is Freeview still the best way to save money on expensive TV subscriptions whilst also being able to choose access to the shows or content that you want to access? What content is now available for free on the internet and how can you access the content that you want to, on the go or from the comfort of your own home? We take a look at all of the options available in this article!


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Freeview is Still a Fantastic Choice in 2023


There’s no surprise that Freeview is still the most popular choice for TV without a subscription in the UK. The vast majority of the most popular and most viewed events have been viewed on Freeview.


 Looking towards events such as the Coronation later this year, previous recent events such as the Olympics, the Euros for Football and other major events such as Wimbledon and world pool championships – these are all displayed on free channels and services. Streaming platforms as well as subscription-based channels battle for rights for events such as the Premier League, MMA & major sporting events but Freeview allows you to watch these on a pay-per-view basis where available and you have the option to choose another streaming service as well as your Freeview box.


Enjoying Freeview is Still As Simple As Ever

All you need is a TV aerial that is operating correctly in your home, an access point if you are using a Freeview box or an integration into your Smart TV if your TV has this functionality and you can enjoy Freeview with no subscriptions being required. You will be required to pay the TV license and will have to pay for a TV aerial installation if you currently do not have an aerial installed in your home but these are the only costs associated with the service. Freeview also collaborates with a wide range of different media providers to allow you to subscribe or integrate these subscriptions if you wish. Smart TVs often allow multi-platform integration, so you can switch to YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime or Twitch for example if you want to stream or watch something that isn’t broadcasted on TV.


There are a Huge Amount of Media Providers for You to Choose From


There have never been more ways for us to absorb media or enjoy our favourite shows and the number of platforms that you can do this on has also increased. This allows a much greater amount of choice in terms of the media that you want to consume and lets you choose subscription packages that suit you. There are also ever-emerging streaming platforms and content providers that allow you to subscribe to these platforms. Many VPN companies provide USPs that you are able to watch a number of additional programmes whilst using this technology although this is from their advice and not ours as this may be against the guidelines of the streaming provider.


Enjoy the Benefits of Freeview Today


Whatever your requirements – we are here to support you. We can offer advice on the various Freeview services that are available, install your new or replacement TV aerial if you are within our service areas and we are also able to help you troubleshoot any issues that you may be experiencing with your TV service or subscription-based services. So if you have any issues, please get in touch with our team today!

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