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Freeview in Swindon Discussed by The Aerial Man

Freeview SwindonWith the huge variety of TV that is available and with the many different ways of watching TV such as streaming becoming more popular, many people are looking to reduce their spending on entertainment. TV subscriptions have historically offered a large selection of television programmes as well as a selection of specific programmes which have been secured by the subscription providers. Freeview offers all of the free channels that are available within your subscription which is a surprisingly large amount of the most watched shows. Should you be paying for your current subscription, you may not be utilising this subscription to the fullest and you may not even be watching the programmes that are available. This offers you a unique opportunity to switch to Freeview where you can enjoy free programmes without the added costs associated with your subscription. In this article, we will discuss how Freeview has adapted into the service it is today as well as how you can save money by switching from your current subscription. If you are looking for Freeview in Swindon or a Freeview box in Swindon then be sure to contact The Aerial Man today or call our friendly team now on: 01179 679 028

The Evolution of Freeview

Freeview has come a long way, especially in the last few years. Freeview has competed with subscription services for a while and is now looking to be more of a competitor than ever. Due to the fact that Freeview offers live TV pause features as well as a massive range of free television programmes. You can also opt to choose certain programmes that require a subscription and pay for these separately as required. This allows you to pay for what you need instead of having to pay a subscription that offers a host of features that you never use. Subscription-based programmes often seem to be very popular due to the fact that large advertising campaigns and television adverts are used to gain attention. But if you look at the most watched television programmes, almost all of them are offered on free television. The BBC dominates the most watched television programmes, with events such as the Olympics clocking huge viewing rates. Nearly 25 million Britons tuned in to the royal wedding which was broadcast for free for example. So how can you switch to Freeview and save money?

Switching to Freeview with a Freeview Box

If you’ve realised that you could save when switching to Freeview then you may be asking yourself how you can make the switch. Freeview requires a television aerial and a one time purchase for your Freeview box. After purchasing your Freeview box then you are ready to connect and start watching Freeview. If you do not currently have an aerial installed then our expert team can also install your aerial for you at extremely competitive prices. This is all that is needed to make the switch which makes it a very easy, stress-free process. As mentioned, you can also use your Freeview box to stop, start and rewind television akin to subscription-based services. Switching to Freeview is a fantastic way to put money back into your pocket if you are searching for ways to cut down on your spending.

The Myths of Leaving Your Television Subscription

The November edition of our blog investigates common misconceptions when considering switching to Freeview.

Freeview TV SwindonHaving investigated the benefits of Freeview and how you can save money from leaving your television subscription, you may be almost set on going with Freeview. When looking to leave a subscription or if you are thinking about Freeview then you may have heard some tall tales about making the switch. Should you have a television aerial installed then you can use a Freeview service. There is no type of special aerial that picks up Freeview signals (although some types of aerials may have the ability to receive a better signal.) Should you be concerned about your current aerial as it may be damaged or installed incorrectly then the team at the Aerial Man are able to diagnose and repair your TV aerial if required. If you do have concerns about your aerial then you can contact our team to come and take a look and carry out repairs if needed. Purchasing a Freeview box is the only step that is required to enjoy the Freeview service. There are no hidden fees or subscription fees, only the initial cost of the Freeview box. Another myth that used to be a common misconception is that subscription free TV services are the only services that allow for live recording and pausing. Freeview also offers live pause features as well as recording options so that you can enjoy your favourite shows.

Will You End Up Saving Money?

One key question when contemplating switching from a TV subscription to Freeview is will you actually save money? A great way to decide on whether you are utilising your subscription to the fullest is to find out what is included in your subscription. If you find that there are a variety of channels and programmes available that you do not watch or watch very rarely then it may well fully be worth considering switching off your television subscription. As so many of the most popular television programmes are showed on free channels, you more than likely will find that your favourite programmes are free to watch. Furthermore, if you do identify programmes that you watch which are only available via your subscription then you can also judge the cost per programme and again work out if it’s really worth it. With the steady increase in the popularity of streaming services, there are even more ways to access programmes outside of a television subscription. Although these services do come at their own subscription cost, these costs are arguably considerably more cost effective in regards to the premium programmes which you have access to. There’s a lot of alternatives to costly television subscriptions and this presents the opportunity to save money on a service that you may not be using effectively. Our team are also available to install your new Freeview box as well as install a television aerial should you require this. Should you wish to make the switch to Freeview, give us a call now on: 01179 679 028

An Investigation into Viewing Figures for Programmes

The January edition of our blog investigates the most viewed television programmes and broadcasts, as well as what this means for your television subscription.

*Figures are accurate as of 22nd January 2018. Positions of the most viewed television programmes may change in the future. Viewing figures have been verified*

Freeview Box Near Me SwindonWhen looking at the most viewed television programmes and episodes in the UK, it’s interesting to observe that these major events were displayed on free channels. Some of the most defining and shocking events that have happened in the last 50 years have been captured or displayed on television, so it’s hardly surprising that these events obtained large amounts of viewing figures. With royal weddings and funerals, world cups and the London Olympics; there are definitely cornerstone events that pulled some of the highest viewing figures for special events, (the 1966 FIFA World Cup final and Funeral of Diana Princess of Wales being watched by just over 32 million people a piece.) Hardly surprisingly, Soaps dominate the viewing figures for television, with the Christmas Day episode of Eastenders airing in 1986 receiving an eye-popping 30.15 million viewers. Soap-style television programmes dominate the top 10 for most watched television programmes and this somewhat offers an insight into which styles of programme or topic may be specifically interesting for the nation. But what does this have to do with Freeview and what can this tell us about viewing habits and how our viewing habits may be changing.

What Can We Learn From These Figures?

It’s definitely easy to see that viewing numbers are reducing in comparison to top events year on year (with The Great British Bake Off pulling 15.90 million viewers in 2016 and Blue Planet II ‘One Ocean’ gaining 14.01 million viewers in 2017 respectively.) However, streaming figures are not taken into account and it’s very interesting to think about these numbers in a television age where streaming is becoming more and more popular. For Freeview and our article discussing it, it’s very interesting that every single programme of the most viewed was shown on a free channel. This is hugely indicative of the way in which you can move away from a costly subscription should you feel that you want to save some money. This is mainly due to the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy the TV that you love without having to spend money on a subscription. As these subscriptions often offer not a huge amount more than a Freeview box, it’s a very interesting consideration if you are looking to switch. The rise in popularity of streaming services also means that people are spending less time watching television and are opting for a different style of entertainment. Combining this can allow you to watch a variety of programmes for much less of a cost than by using your current subscription. It’s definitely worth having a think about if you think that you’d be able to save money by making the switch!

Looking for Freeview? Contact the Aerial Man Today

Freeview Box SwindonShould you be looking to switch to Freeview in Swindon then you should contact the friendly local team at The Aerial Man. We have served Swindon and the surrounding areas for many years and can install an aerial should you require one as well as with a Freeview box. We work closely with Humax who offer Freeview boxes with a whole host of additional features. If you are looking to make the switch to Freeview then we can help you and are more than happy to offer you further advice regarding Freeview and making the switch. Should you be looking for Freeview in Swindon or if you are looking for the best Freeview box in Swindon then be sure to contact The Aerial Man today or call us now on: 01179 679 028

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