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Freeview TV in Bristol Discussed by The Aerial Man

Freeview TV BristolRecent research of viewing figures has revealed that 98% of the most popular TV programmes that were broadcast were shown on free channels. This may be somewhat surprising but with some of the most popular programmes being broadcast on free channels, the reasons to switch to Freeview or freesat are becoming more apparent. With the increasing in price of other subscription based companies as well as other factors that are driving up costs, viewers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their subscription TV services. Recent research from Freesat has suggested that the average household pays £528 per year on subscription based tv and 42% said that they were unhappy with the deal. If you find that you are dissatisfied with your current subscription and are looking for an alternative then Freesat or Freeview is definitely the solution for you! In this article, we will discuss these figures in more detail as well as talk about how we can help you install Freesat or Freeview television for your home. If you are looking for Freeview TV in Bristol or if you are looking for Freesat TV in Bristol then be sure to contact The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd today or give us a ring on:0117 967 9028.

Why Are People Dissatisfied With Subscription TV?

Following on from the staggering statistic that 98% of the most popular programmes shown were shown on free channels, the question instantly arises as to what is the point of subscription based television. The vast majority of the most popular television programmes can be watched and accessed by using a Freeview or Freesat subscription and this also includes major sporting events and news channels. There are specific sports that require a subscription to watch such as boxing, premier league football and Formula 1 events but major sporting events are always broadcast on free channels such as Wimbledon, Masters Snooker and The Olympics. With these major events available, several sporting events can be viewed with a costly subscription but these are often played in venues allowing you to enjoy these games out of the house. With the surge in popularity of streaming services, there are a variety of other means of watching your favourite tv series which you may already be paying for. If you are looking to save on costs or find that you are not utilising your subscription then it’s time to switch to Freeview or Freesat.

How Expensive is Freeview?

In our August update of our blog post discussing Freeview TV, we investigate the costs of Freeview and what it actually gives you.

The truth is, Freeview TV does not require any payments after purchasing the box itself, making it much more cost effective for you. A flat out fee for a Freeview box provides you with an element of certainty that subscriptions do not. Nowadays people are looking to save money wherever they can, and is why the boxes are proving to be extremely popular. If you are looking to save on costs or find that you are not utilising your subscription then it’s time to switch to Freeview or Freesat. If you would like more detailed costings on our boxes, get in contact today! You can also expect to enjoy the wide range of services or ‘subscriptions’ that are available with a Freeview box, which many people do not realise! So lets have a look and explore what you are receiving from your subscription and what you could potentially save on costs.

What Does Your Subscription Actually Give You?

Freeview Aerial BristolYou may be fully aware of what is offered for your subscription or not quite so sure. The truth is, the additional cost of your subscription may not be worth what you are currently watching. Should you be enjoying subscription exclusive television then you may want to think about the additional services that are you enjoying. Should you be enjoying a sports package for example, it is possible to purchase these on Freeview, at often lower costs as you are purchasing the sports only subscription. It’s also important to note that major sporting events are shown for free and fixtures such as the premier league are often shown in licensed public venues. When thinking about television programmes that are exclusive to Freeview, you may be using certain streaming services to watch the majority of shows. This means that when you have the television on, you may be watching free programmes and only a small minority of channels that require a subscription. If this is the case then you can switch to Freeview and watch these services with an additional service or streaming programme. This can save you money and as people are often looking to cut down on unnecessary bills, this can be a great way to achieve this. Consider now which programmes you are actually receiving for your subscription and which of these you watch on a regular basis. If you find that there are a lot of programmes that you tend to watch, see if you can watch this through other means apart from your television subscription. If you find that you are hardly using your subscription or cannot justify the costs of the subscription vs the amount of exclusive programmes that you watch then it’s definitely time to switch to Freeview. We are Humax official partners and our expert team have carried out a wide number of Freeview TV installations in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Freeview & Freesat TV Installation in Bristol

Here at The Aerial Man, we have served Bristol and the surrounding areas for many years and are highly experienced in Freeview TV installation and Freesat TV installation. We are partnered with Humax to provide Bristol with subscription free TV and if you are looking for an alternative to costly subscriptions, we’d very much like to offer this to you. If you find that you are somebody that is dissatisfied with your current subscription service then you will most likely be looking to upgrade to free television and our team are readily available to help you make this transition at very competitive prices.

Freesat TV Bristol

Call Our Freeview TV Installers in Bristol Today

Should you be looking for a Freeview or Freesat TV installation company then look no further. Our team of highly trained aerial installers are just a call away and will ensure that you can enjoy subscription free TV and reduce the costs of costly television subscriptions. With all of the free television that is available you may very well be paying a large sum for a subscription that you simply do not need or can enjoy with a free subscription package. If you are looking for Freeview TV installers in Bristol or if you are looking for Freesat TV in Bristol then call The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd. on: 0117 967 9028

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