Indoor Aerial Installation for Listed Buildings in Bath

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Numerous buildings in Bath come across the issue of not being able to carry out satellite installation due to the fact that they are listed buildings. This presents a plethora of issues for homeowners due to the fact that they are often unable to have television aerials installed at all. This results in many homeowners thinking that they do not have access to satellite television. However think again! Here at The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd, we offer a wide range of indoor aerial installation services which will can get around this issue of not being able to install an aerial on the roof of your property. If you require an indoor aerial installation in bath or if you are interested in finding about more about our services then do not hesitate to visit us or call: 01179 679 028

Indoor Aerial Installation Bath


Indoor Aerial Installation in Bath

Listed buildings pose a unique challenge to aerial installation due to the fact that they often prohibit installation unless you have received planned building permission to erect the aerial. This is a unique issue that is not seen on a large scale in many cities however Bath is an exception to this rule. Due to the fact that the vast majority of home owners or tenants own or let listed buildings, this problem appears prominently within this particular area. This is something that we have come to realise at The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd and we have proposed several solutions to this issue to ensure that all homeowners or tenants can be covered across the Bath area. Indoor aerial installation offers a solution to this issue. Planning permission is not strictly required to erect a satellite dish but there are a myriad of rules and regulations that often prohibit the erection of these dishes in the Bath Area. However, there is no regulation that states that you require planning permission for indoor aerial installation and therefore this offers a solution to the issue. This results in the possibility for an indoor aerial to be installed within your home, allowing televisions within your home to receive television signals.

Areas of Indoor Aerial Installation

Which areas can you use utilise to set up your indoor aerial installation? There are many areas that are advantageous for this type of aerial installation and this results in ensuring that you receive the best picture possible all over your home. The loft is a great area to install your indoor aerial due to the fact that it is an open space and can transmit easily to other areas of the house. If your television is in your kitchen however, an indoor aerial can even be installed in this area! This is the flexibility of the indoor aerial and why it is such a beneficial solution to the listed buildings issue that arises particularly around the Bath area.

Satellite TV Aerial Installation

Satellite TV aerial installation is possible around the Bath area as planning permission is technically not required. However building permission is often required due to the fact that the antenna cannot easily reduce its effect on the external appearance of the listed building. It is also likely that any additions to a listed building will require Listed Building Consent for any building operations, unfortunately including satellite dish installations. Submitting planning applications are a long and tedious process therefore installation of an indoor aerial system for your home is a viable and excellent solution.

If you are interested in finding out more about the issues that Bath as an area poses to satellite aerial installation due to the requirements of planning permission, or if you are interested in our proposed solution to this issue then do not hesitate to visit The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) Ltd or call: 01179 679 028



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