Maintenance work expected for Mendip Transmitter and many others around the UK

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During the month of February, major maintenance work will be carried out on a large number of the transmitters around the UK, including but not exclusive to the Mendip Transmitter, Oxford Transmitter, Ridge Hill, Wenvoe and Salisbury. These changes will temporarily affect your television reception, which a usually a retune will resolve after the works have been carried out.

These changes will carry on into the second quarter of 2018 between April – June. These changes are being made to better improve the quality of your television reception going forward and reallocating the current air space for the development of future mobile services.

The issues you receive may end up with a few channels no longer appearing, or your entire guide being unavailable. The Aerial Man is on-hand if you receive any problems after these changes throughout April on our Freephone number above.

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