Mendip Transmitter Still Causing Reception Issues

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Mendip Transmitter & 5G Retuning Still Causing Freeview Reception Issues


Mendip on the map


We continue our series of blogs reporting on updates on the Mendip Transmitter with the unfortunate news that we are continuing to hear about reception issues which is affecting picture quality for our clients. With the 5G clearance still being rolled out and implemented – this is still causing issues with television reception and even resulting in a loss of television altogether in rare cases.


This article will offer further advice on how to diagnose and potentially improve television reception quality. If these solutions do not improve your television quality then it’s highly recommended to get in contact with a member of our local aerial installation team.

How Does the 5G Retuning Affect Picture Quality?


Due to the fact that more of the spectrum is being sold off for mobile 5G services, this means that more people may be affected by the fact that their Freeview frequency on the 700 MHz band has been replaced by 5G services. You may remember the interference that took place when 4G was originally rolled out and if you do, it is similar to this disruption. Although most televisions should only need a simple retuning, some are not returning to normal expected. Because of the fact that the transmitter needs to change the frequency that it broadcasts on, this can still cause disruptions that can be understandably highly frustrating.


If I Suspect 5G is Affecting My Reception – What Should I Do?


In this article, we will be discussing certain checks and fixes that you can carry out to try and fix reception issues. If you are continuing to have these issues or if you are suddenly experiencing reception issues then it’s highly likely that 5G is interfering with your picture quality. If you are experiencing these issues then it’s highly recommended to get in contact with a member of our expert team. We can send an expert aerial engineer to visit your property and have a look at your aerial and reception issues in more detail. We are then able to offer you a free quote and if you are happy with this then we can resolve your issues there and then at extremely competitive prices.


Other Reasons Why Your Freeview Quality is Lacking – Low Signal Strength


Couple cant watch TV because of bad signal


With too weak of a signal, your television reception will be poor as there is not enough data to receive to display your favourite television programmes. This could be due to a number of reasons such as issues with the cabling, the aerial not being able to pick up enough signal or blockages which are stopping signal from being received. Cabling and your aerial not being able to pick up enough signal can be rectified by repairing or replacing the cabling and installing an amplifier for your aerial respectively. Unfortunately, blockages such as trees may require repositioning of your aerial or action being taken against the blockages themselves (if possible)


On the Flipside – Too Much Signal Can Also Be a Problem!


Although too little signal may be an obvious reason as to why you are having reception problems, too much signal can also be a cause of poor reception. Your television and its equipment will only have a maximum threshold of signal that they will be able to pickup before being effectively overloaded with data. A main cause of this could be an amplifier that is amplifying too much signal for your TV to handle. Removing your amplifier or replacing with passive splitters could be a way to resolve this issue. Our expert team can also take a look at your aerial and give you expert advice should you require this.


Retuning Your TV


Although we have mentioned about retuning your TV, you may not know how to do this. Luckily, modern televisions make it very easy to retune your TV and some even have the functionality to retune automatically when they detect that there is the need to retune (or prompt that a retune is needed.) Most modern TVs will have a retuning option in the menu section and you can always read the manual of your television. Most manuals are actually also uploaded online in PDF format so you can check the manual online to find out more about how to retune your television. This could fix issues caused by both 4G and 5G interference. With 5G, if the band in which your Freeview service was previously offered on has changed – a retuning will be necessary and should fix any issues caused by 5G as discussed.


Interference From Appliances or Other Devices


Other appliances or devices could cause interference to your TV signal. Unfortunately, this could also be a temporary interference such as someone using equipment near-by but at least disruption to your TV signal should stop once they have stopped using their equipment. If you suspect that an appliance or device is causing issues then you can carry out the following to diagnose the issue:


  • Identify appliances or devices that could be causing a disruption issue.
  • Disconnect all devices and appliances.
  • Re-connect one device one-by-one and test with your TV.
  • If you find the offending device or appliance, you may have to consider moving them away from the TV if this is possible.
  • If moving the device is not possible, you will have to consider checking the suppressors that should be installed on devices and appliances. 
  • If none of your devices or appliances are causing an issue then consider one of the other potential causes of bad reception to be the cause of your issues.


Incorrect Installation of Aerial or TV Aerial Equipment


Although this should have been installed correctly, the incorrect installation of your television aerial or aerial equipment is another potential cause of poor television reception. You can carry out a visual inspection but be very careful if you have to access your roof to take a look at the cabling of your television aerial. The best course of action is to contact one of our aerial installation experts. We can safely take a look at your aerial and assess if an incorrect installation has taken place and will be able to offer you a free quotation to rectify the issue if this is the case.


Damage to Your Television Aerial

Bad television signal infographic


Although your aerial may have been installed correctly, something may have happened to your aerial or cabling post installation. Common issues that could occur are as follows:


  • Damage has occurred to the aerial cabling.
  • TV aerial has been knocked out of place.
  • Environmental damage to your aerial.
  • Aerial has become damaged naturally over extended periods of time.


Your aerial may need to be repaired or replaced depending on the severity of the damage. In these situations, it is again highly advised to contact one of our tv aerial experts. This is because we can take a look at your aerial and suggest the relevant repairs or replacement aerial during our no-obligation free quotation. 


If you have any further issues with your television reception or are experiencing issues then get in contact with a member of our team today. We can help you diagnose potential aerial issues and send out a member of our expert, friendly team to have a look for you. If you are happy with our free no-obligation quote then we will carry out the work there and then at extremely competitive prices. 


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