Smart TV Issues

Smart TVs Losing Favourite TV Apps

Smart TV App Issues

Smart TVs are hailed by many as a prime example of the fantastic innovations in television technology in recent years. These hi-tech smart TVs, costing hundreds of pounds offer a wide range of apps & streaming services as well as Freeview services. As these smart TVs are a significant investment, many of their owners would expect their brand new elegant TV to operate in the exact way that you’d expect it to when sold to them.

Picture this. You are sat down on your sofa with your favourite take-away on a Saturday evening, ready to switch on your Samsung TV to catch up on your latest favourite series on iPlayer. You turn on your smart TV, scroll to the application section only to find that iPlayer has… vanished? There have been reports from Which? members who found their apps suddenly disappearing or failing to work without warning. These apps can take months to return and sometimes they never even return at all. But why is this issue occurring and how can this be solved? The Aerial Man investigates below.

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TV Aerial Newport

Do You Need New TV Aerials in Newport? Discussed by The Aerial Man

Freeview Newport

A TV aerial is a vital part of your television system allowing you to enjoy your favourite television programmes from the comfort of your favourite sofa. With the different television aerials that are available as well as the many different aspects of your aerial, you may have a number of questions about your current TV aerial or the need to install, replace or upgrade a television aerial in your property.

The Aerial Man has many years of experience in aerial installation and have installed numerous TV aerials in Newport and the surrounding areas. Our expertise in the field allows us to recommend you the ideal TV aerial for your property as well as help you to diagnose or repair any issues that you may be having with your current TV aerial.

In this article, we will take a look at the main questions that are asked around TV aerials as well as discuss what we can do to help if you are having problems with your aerial, why you may want to consider installing a TV aerial in your property and alternatives to a TV aerial installed onto your roof if you have issues such as planning permission for example.

If you are looking for aerials in Newport or TV aerials in Newport then contact The Aerial Man using a contact form on our website. Alternatively, telephone a member of our friendly aerial installation team now on: 01179 679 028

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Mendip on the map

During the month of February, major maintenance work will be carried out on a large number of the transmitters around the UK, including but not exclusive to the Mendip Transmitter, Oxford Transmitter, Ridge Hill, Wenvoe and Salisbury. These changes will temporarily affect your television reception, which a usually a retune will resolve after the works … Read more

A joint report issued by Post Office and Freeview(1) reveals that consumers are spending more and consuming more when it comes to their TV, home phone and broadband bundles, due to significant changes in the way home entertainment content is accessed.

Vision and Value 2014 – an examination of TV, broadband and home phone usage among consumers who choose to bundle the services – found that monthly spending on bundles has increased by £1 since 2013, costing each household an average of £50 per month(2). This equates to an overall national spend of £3.3billion(3).

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The first ever Winter Olympics to take place in Russia starts in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on the 7th February.

Taking place over 17 days, with 90 nations and 2500 athletes participating, you have the best mountain side view to see every success of these 22nd Winter games.

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