Our WIFI Installation & Services at the Aerial Man

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Wi-Fi is essential for any modern home or business, ensuring you have fast connectivity to the internet through our computers, tablets and smartphones. With remote and flexible working becoming the norm for most businesses, it’s important that Wi-Fi connectivity is as strong at home as it is in the workplace.


The Aerial Man provides a range of different solutions in order to install and improve your Wi-Fi connections, which could mean your connection becomes more reliable and you can see an increase in your upload and download speeds from your device, without having to upgrade your broadband package.


Practical Wi-Fi Connection Solutions


We utilise technologies created by our partners Clear Flow and combine them with our extensive knowledge of home and commercial Wi-Fi installation to give you a comprehensive service. There are a few things that we can install to help improve your Wi-Fi connection:


In-Wall Access Points


Taking the place of a regular plug socket, this access point not only boosts the signal from your router, but it also has an ethernet cable socket included. So not only will you be able to boost the signal from your router, but you’ll be able to benefit from a stable wired connection too, which is faster than a wireless internet connection. Options are available to include either a telephone connector or USB charging point alongside the ethernet socket.


Ceiling Mount Access Points


If plug sockets are harder to come by, like if you’re retrofitting Wi-Fi technology into an older office, then a ceiling mount access point is probably a more practical and workable solution to your connectivity problems. Placed in the middle of an office, it can boost signal for every remote connection in that room. It’s crisp, clean white design means it’ll blend in with its surroundings too.


Bridge Extenders


You can use just one of these to act as an outdoor wireless access point, or with two you can reap the full benefits of the device by using them as point-to-point wireless connection extenders. It means you can extend your Wi-Fi connection to another office building, or if you have an outhouse or office garden it means you can have a secure and stable internet connection with minimal fuss.


Dual-Band High-Speed


Higher speed dual-band options for the above solutions are also available which can manage and boost even the strongest Wi-Fi signals. Dual-band Wi-Fi combines the range of the 2.4 GHz bandwidth with the speed of 5GHz. But no matter whether you have a dual-band or single-band connection, there are multiple solutions The Aerial Man can implement to improve your Wi-Fi connection. To understand more about dual-band internet, Which? have a little explainer.


Ideal for Homes or Businesses


Wi-Fi connectivity problems can strike anywhere, and if it’s an ongoing problem it could ruin your leisure time at home and destroy productivity in your workplace.


If you’re struggling to get a signal at one end of the house because the router’s stuck at the other end, then a boost through an Aerial Man installation could be the solution to your connection problems, allowing you to stream your TV shows and browse the internet wherever you are in the house. This can be especially useful for larger properties, where typical routers won’t cover the required distance.


And workplaces such as offices depend on a solid and reliable internet connection to keep the business moving, especially with everything being digital and requiring a network connection. Slow or broken internet can have a big impact on being able to carry out work and stay productive, so call in the experts to have your Wi-Fi systems installed.

Wi-Fi installation is just one of the many services that The Aerial Man offers, including aerial installation, satellite installation and TV mounting.

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