HDMI System

At The Aerial Man, we can offer you the best possible way to run high definition images all around your room or house at unbelievable prices.

We can install a system to run HDMI quality images from one side of your house to the other over data cable, the same cable you use to run your internet. This method involves using ‘HDMI to ethernet’ converters, and running a couple of high quality cables, resulting in the up to 1080p image you’d receive at one end, right at the other, with no image quality loss or lip sync problems.

So if you’d like a way of watching your satellite Sky+HD box upstairs in the bedroom or out in the kitchen, but still having that HD quality image, why not give us a call. We can even set up a ‘magic eye’ in the separate room for use with the remote control through the same system!

This isn’t just for Sky+HD however; this will work for anything which has a HDMI connection on it (games consoles, bluray players, etc).

Single wire point-to-point


If you’re looking to extend your Sky HD Satellite or Bluray player into another room but still want to keep the quality of stunning HD, having expensive and long HDMI cables trailing along the floor isn’t the only method available.

With the help of a splitter and a HDMI over an ethernet system, you can add additional points but still keeping that stunning high definition quality you pay for. You can also control Sky TV from another room, and send the internet connection down the same ethernet cable to connect the whole system up elsewhere!

Twin wire point-to-point

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Using a similar method to single wire, this method uses two pieces of ethernet cabling to extend a HDMI connection from one place to another. This often is the lower priced option compared to single wire, but still offers all the same functionality and 1080p high definition output.

The connectors sit quietly out of sight behind your Bluray player, Sky HD box or other HD device to link it to other TVs around the home or business.

Single/Twin wire distribution system


The single/twin wire distribution system is the ideal addition if you’re looking to boost the highest quality images around your home or business, by simply linking the input to any HD device and with numerous outputs you have the facility to output stunning HD around to multiple sets.

This comes in extremely well for pubs and bars who show live TV in their facility, link every television to any HD box and simultaneously show live TV without any sound or picture loss.

Single wire modular system


Modular distribution systems give you the flexibility when deciding your exact needs when it comes to a new HD distribution system.

For one system you may possibly have three HD devices having the access from two high definition televisions, and another having one device across seven or eight televisions around the property. Modular gives the functionality to independently install exactly what you require inside a single unit, at cost-effective prices.