Sky to Continue Broadcasting Satellite Services Until 2028

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A recent and interesting update in the TV & satellite TV world is that Sky has confirmed that Sky Q and Sky+ HD users will be able to enjoy a range of television services until the end of 2028. Some were worried or sceptical that Sky would continue to support these services, due to the rising popularity of online services as well as subscription-based services such as Netflix, Amazon Video or Disney+. As we have also reported – subscription TV has actually also been declining with a high number of subscriptions being cancelled over the last two months. With this – there’s no surprise that Sky are attempting to continue to keep customers that use their television services as well as prepare for a market dip. But what does this mean for the industry as a whole and what should we expect over the next few years? Read on to find out.


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Why Has This Been Confirmed Alongside a Range of New Internet-Based TV Services?


Internet-based TV services are being pushed largely because of the fact that it’s suspected that many stations will look to utilise the power and speed of 5G when the network becomes more established. As 5G utilises the internet – this will mean that many suppliers will want to get ahead of the game in terms of internet-based services so it’s not a surprise that Sky still wants to cover all of its bases over the next few years. By the time Sky has said that services will end – it will be interesting to see how integrated internet-based television and services are – as well as how these services will integrate in terms of other providers and whether they will look to switch to other methods of delivery for their television channels.


Is The Future Online & Subscription Based?


Subscription free TV is something that a lot of people across the UK enjoy and it’s not looking like this service is going anywhere soon. We have covered in our previous article – the news that subscription-based services are on the decline due to households looking to cut costs so will the future really look to move towards subscription-based online services? There’s no doubt that these subscription-based services operate heavily on the hype around certain programmes (such as the global phenomenon of Squid Game for Netflix and the recent launch of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+) to boost subscriptions. But will this model last in the coming years and will this be enough to transfer fully to internet-based services?


Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Subscription based TV services aren’t going anywhere at least for the next few years, with this confirmation by Sky showing that they are committing, at least until the end of this decade, to their subscription-based channels. If you are looking to reduce costs and feel that you are not utilising your subscription fully then we always recommend that you consider using Freeview or Freesat services depending on whether you have a TV aerial or Satellite Dish.


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