Top 5 Moments Captured on TV

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The Top 5 Moments Captured on our Television Screens


Since the invention of television, some of the most historic moments of all time have been captured and broadcast for the world to see. Although there have been a number of events that have been enjoyed by millions – other tragic events have also naturally been reported on or observed via reports or in some cases live footage at the time.


As there are a number of memorable moments, we have compiled a list of the top 10 moments that have hit our television screens over the years. From Royal Weddings to famous television episodes, we have compiled the following list featuring some of the most memorable and top 10 moments that have been featured on television. 


Any moments didn’t make our list? Let us know which are your personal highlights or moments that you have found most memorable in recent memory or over the years!


1. Live Aid (UK & US) 1985



Live Aid was held on Saturday 13th July 1985 and was held across two stadiums at Wembley in the UK and John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia. It will more than likely remain as the most viewed television event of all time (see number 4 for a counterclaim) – with an estimated 1.9 billion people across 150 nations tuning in to watch the event. With epic performances (and some not so epic ones) the BBC broadcast the duel-venue benefit concert that raised an estimated £150m for Ethiopia. 


Event to Remember – Queen’s legendary appearance will go down in history as one of the best live sets of all time. Covering all of the greats as well as Freddy Mercury’s iconic frontman charisma shining through – this is a spectacular set which we have attached.


Event to Forget – Let’s just forget the disastrous reunion of Led Zeppelin supported by Phil Collins on the drums. It’s said that Led Zeppelin has banned the footage from ever being shown or broadcast again. 



2. Royal Wedding (UK) Charles & Diana 1981



The Royal Wedding of HRH Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer pulled in an estimated 750 million viewers and was arguably one of the most iconic Royal Weddings of all time. Sporting the longest bridal train of any royal bride – Lady Diana’s visible nervousness during the wedding captured the hearts of the nation as well as her exceptional humanitarian work and modernisation of the royal family until her tragic death in 1997.



3. Moon Landings (US & Space) 1969



“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” An often misquoted and controversial moment (especially for conspiracy theorists) these were the words that were uttered by Neil Armstrong when he took his first steps on the Moon’s surface. The BBC covered the Moon Landings with over 24 hours of live coverage utilising examples of models and other information across all BBC channels (16th July – 24th July 1669.) The event inspired generations of people to be interested in Space Exploration and the images taken of the various stages of the flight, as well as video footage of the flights (although grainy by today’s standards), was revolutionary at the time.


Event to Remember – Although now decades ago – there is no doubt that the iconic words resonate with all who think about Space Exploration.


Event that is Often Forgotten – [Some Pub Trivia!] Although it is often thought that Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin were the first to visit the Moon – Michael Collins was the third member aboard Apollo 13 as is often coined as being at one point ‘the loneliest man in the universe’ as he had to remain on board the CSM (Command Service Module) while the lunar module landed on the Moon’s surface!



4. Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service (US & Worldwide) 2009




On July 7th, 2009 at the Staples Centre in LA, Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service was held 12 days after his death. According to some – the star-studded event exceeded 2.5 billion viewers which would make this event the most viewed event of all time. Michael Jackson’s closed casket was a solid bronze casket plated with blue velvet and 14-karat gold. It was not expected to be brought to the memorial but it arrived and was placed at the front of the stage at 10 am local time.


Event to Remember – An overall fitting and emotional tribute to the ‘King of Pop’ one highlight was a moment in which Janet Jackson mentioned that Paris (Jackson’s daughter who was 11 years old at the time) wanted to speak. Surrounded by family members before bursting into tears she said – “I just want to say, ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine, and I just want to say I love him… so much.”


Event to Forget – The cost to the city of Los Angeles was a major point of concern – especially considering the economic climate at the time. The city mentioned that the event cost $1.4 million including the costs of having 1,400 officers available, picking up litter after the event, traffic and sanitation control. It’s highly unlikely a public event will be paying for a private event ever again.


5. London Olympics (UK) 2012




The third Olympic Games held in London following from the previous Games held in 1908 and 1948 was a spectacular event in recent history. The opening ceremony was a spectacle in itself and was directed by Danny Boyle. With historic events such as Michael Phelps winning the 200m Gold to make him the most successful Olympic Athlete of all time with 22 medals in the bag. The event also saw a huge amount of investments into youth sport and the development of nearly 1,000 sports and leisure centres nationwide.


Event to Remember – The opening ceremony was filled with many memorable moments with one of the most memorable being Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean in a comedy sketch that had the world in tears of laughter. 007 also made a comical appearance in one section of the opening ceremony.


Event to Forget – Boris Johnson’s infamous zip wire stunt where he was left stuck in the air on a zipwire above Victoria Park. When stuck the current PM was seen waving his Union Jack flags and shouting to the public. A great one for a laugh but maybe an event the PM wishes to forget.


So there we have it, our top 5 moments captured on TV. We’ve featured some of the biggest events ever to hit the television screen worldwide spanning many decades. In order to enjoy some of the future events that are going to be featured – why not consider the installation of a television aerial? There are some great TV events to look forward to, especially in 2020, which we have covered in our previous article!

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