Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Your Aerial

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With the popularity of large TV screens becoming the new norm, TV aerial installation is required more frequently and is much more important. TV aerials may be a grey area for most people as aerial installation is a specialised task which requires the right knowledge, expertise and experience. Not to mention, installing an outdoor aerial can also be dangerous due to the height and electrical hazard risks. 

There are many different types of aerials available, all with a different purpose and benefits. Not only will a TV aerial installation expert be able to help with the installation process, but they will also be able to advise on the right type of aerial for your needs. 


The Dangers of DIY TV Aerial Installation 

Installing a TV aerial may seem like a straightforward task for some homeowners but what many don’t realise is that it can actually be pretty dangerous for the inexperienced. Although the thought of saving some money with DIY may seem appealing, the risks associated with doing so may outweigh the cash you’d save from hiring a professional. 

Climbing ladders or roofs without the correct equipment may result in falls and injuries. Working with heights when it’s something that you aren’t used to isn’t a wise idea as mistakes can easily happen, and when at a height this may result in serious injuries. A professional aerial installation contractor will have all the correct equipment and will prioritise their safety. They will use ladders, harnesses, hard hats, gloves and much more to ensure they carry out the job safely and correctly for the customer. 

Inexperience with heights and not having the correct equipment is a huge reason to not install a TV aerial yourself, but so is not having the correct training and qualifications. Installing a TV aerial isn’t a simple task, you have to be skilled in electrics, understand structural risks, signal quality issues and much more. Trying to install an aerial without knowing how to properly do so will likely end up with poor quality issues, and leave you thinking why didn’t I hire a professional?


When to Hire an Aerial Professional 

You should hire a professional when you have a complex installation with either no experience or experience but are struggling with the task. Potentially your location presents challenges such as weak signals and interference which you need help with. 

You should also consider hiring a professional if you’re uncomfortable working at heights and on roofs as installing an aerial will require this. Hiring a professional will have experience with working at heights which won’t be a challenge to them. In many areas, aerial installation comes with regulations or restrictions so ensure you’re familiar with these before tackling an installation. 

Lastly, if you would like optimal signal and connection for your TV, then it’s probably best to leave the task to an expert. Any small mistake when installing the ariel may result in poor signal and quality when watching TV, which defeats the objective of installing a TV aerial in the first place. 



In conclusion, TV aerial installation should be left to the professionals who understand the risks associated with aerial installation and who have the correct equipment, experience and qualifications. 

If you need an aerial installation, the Aerial Man is the right choice for you. We offer aerial installation, satellites, Humax, CCTV Installation, WIFI Installation, and wall mounting. We operate in Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Cardiff, Gloucester, Newport, Swindon & Taunton. If you require one of our services or would like to ask any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0800 195 8056 today. 

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